Murano glass made in Italy

The artistic craftsmanship of Murano glass in Florence

Water and fire: the water is that of the Venice lagoon, which surrounds the island of Murano; the fire is that of the glassmakers’ foundries, who in the Middle Ages moved to this island of the lagoon (to prevent fires on the mainland) and, between 1400 and 1800, perfected the art of Murano glass.

Even today, Murano glass represents one of the highest and most precious peaks of the Made in Italy. Vases, chandeliers, Murano glass jewels represent one of the excellences of Venetian craftsmanship, brought to Florence by Alvise Giustinan shop.

The artistic craftsmanship in Murano glass now also boasts the registered trademark Vetro Artistico ® Murano, as a guarantee of craftsmanship, which makes each object in Murano glass a unique piece, made thanks to the skill of the glass masters who blow and give shape to the glass, giving life to true works of art.

This ancient and prestigious made in Italy tradition, born in Venice, could not fail to find an ideal sounding board in another cradle of Italian beauty. This is how the owners of the Alvise Giustinian company opened their glass shop of Murano in Florence, in the historic center, a few steps from Santa Croce

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