Handmade Murano glass

Murano glass handmade in Florence

The beauty of Murano glass is famous all over the world thanks to the wise tradition of glass artisans generations: the hand-crafted glass, blown and molded by the heat of the furnaces, thus becomes sculptures, vases, chandeliers, Murano glass jewels, symbol par excellence of Venetian artistic craftsmanship.

The wisdom and creativity of the glass masters have created, over the centuries, refined Murano glass processing techniques, which give birth to real masterpieces.

L’avventurina, for example, is a particular type of Murano glass that contains innumerable tiny specks of sparkling copper: a particularly refined technique that combines craftsmanship and chemical reactions in a hand-crafted glass of enormous value.

But the most precious handcrafted Murano glass is undoubtedly the famous Murano crystal: perfectly transparent, the first secret of its beauty lies in the quality and purity of the raw materials.

Among the so called second processing techniques, which are made when materials are cold, one of the most famous is the Venetian murrina: it consists in welding together glass tiles (even tiny ones) of different colors. This is how colorful and precious jewels in Murano glass are made.

All this and even more Murano glass is offered by Alvise Gustinian in Florence: to furnish the home with handmade Murano glass chandeliers, or make a precious gift with earrings, pendants or necklaces in Venetian murrina.

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